Monday, July 20, 2015

An Update From Greg

It's now been over a month since our last episode and I personally want to apologize to our listeners, readers and especially any new comers for the lack of content.

The last month has been trying time not me and family but for my friends and co-host as well. We lost a member of our family and that is going to take some time to deal with and my personal problems are nothing compared to what our brother Dave is going through.

This last month and half or so have not been easy, My job has been taking up a great deal of my time, combined with family obligations and tending to more household repairs than I can count, there has not been much free time to do anything else.

Outside of not having the time to record, There's been a pretty big accumulation of unexpected expenses. We got hit with a huge increase in our property taxes and insurance that has had a not so great impact on our mortgage payments. The house is falling apart faster than I can fix it. Then there is the mountain of medical bills that I have to deal with. This has all added up to the point that there are no extra funds of any kind for hobbies and that includes the costs related to the podcast.

Please understand that I'm not whining about all of this. I'm just venting, it's not good keep the bad stuff bottled in. I just wanted to let everybody know what's going on, explain why there hasn't been any new shows in the last month and why it may be a great deal longer until there is a new episode.

Despite all that though, our download numbers are steadily increasing and our Facebook page has broken 200 likes. I just want to say thank you to everybody who has given us a listen.

Oh yeah, John has some pics of his heresy era Emperor's Children for me to post, I'll have those up soon. We are also planning an apocalypse game for August that has been dubbed the Oz-pacolypse by the guys. We'll detail the teams, armies and have plenty of pics and stories to share.

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