Sunday, March 29, 2015

Current Projects

I was hoping to get a coat of primers on these today but the weather was not in my favor. I'm having surgery on my painting hand in a couple of days and so here's to hoping I heal fast and well so I can get these on the table.

First up for Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Resurrection - Five Valkyries, ten Brotherhood Troopers, two Inquisitors, Blessed Vestal Laura and a Judicator.

For my Dark Eldar army - Asharah (Archon), Skaarlys (Lady Malys) and five Blood Vestals for some Wyche Bloodbrides.

Three Dark Eldar Succubi. Yes, three. Don't judge me. Oh, and a stray Wyche with a shardnet and impaler.

If I can find the tripod for my camera I'll post some work in progress picks. Starting with the Dark Eldar stuff then moving on to the Warzone minis to break the monotony before I start even more Dark Eldar.  

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