Sunday, February 1, 2015

So, This is How This Hobby Works.....

I've started painting again. It's been just over six years since I've painted miniatures on a regular basis. I have say I've missed it and it feels like I'm learning it for the first time all over again.

I started with a Dark Eldar Archon, something to see how bad my skills have diminished, test out some colors I wanted to use for my wyches and to see if my hands could handle the pain of holding a brush again.

I had no idea where to start. It honestly felt like I was picking up the hobby for the first time. I couldn't decide on colors. I had to refresh my knowledge on how to mix, shade, highlight and blend properly because I really forgot what I was doing. It didn't feel comfortable and I didn't like it. I was at the farthest opposite of where I was six years ago. I missed it horribly though, it gave me that warm fuzzy

At one point I was trying to work on a burgundy that I wanted use, and for the life of me I could not nail the depth I wanted. No matter how much I darkened or lightened it, I couldn't see any change in the color. It could be that my eyes are just that bad, the lighting was just that bad, I wasn't getting the change in color I was looking for to begin with or all of the above. Just have to keep at it. I had an easier time with the purple I was using on the cloak.

My hands held up pretty good. Dealing with nerve damage, not a fun at all, I don't recommend it. I only had to take a few breaks and kept to a slow place. I did try to rush it on few spots and that's when the pain flared up. At least it gave me an idea of where my limits are.

The Archon isn't finished just yet. I want to attempt some more progress on that burgundy. I need to paint the dagger hilt and scabbard and finished off some highlights and shading. I have decided to go with a completely different look for my Lelith and my wyches though. For the armor I'm going with lighter earth tones, the flesh will be similar to the pale icy blue used on the Blighted Nyss but not an exact shade, more of an "inspired by" kind of thing. Lastly I will be using a wide range of anime inspired hair colors, which I know is overdone a bit and something that is not always done well, it doesn't always look right but I have no choice, it's in my nature. I will try to remember to post some work in progress pics.

The Dark Eldar are going to be a very slow build. I went in before the wyches got spayed in the newest codex. I still want an entirely wych themed army, but I'm not going out of my way to build it up. I'm looking beyond to my Imperial Fists and the Sisters of Eternal Mercy kickstarter.

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