Thursday, November 6, 2014

Petition to Games Workshop

Back on October 24th, Evan "Gothmog" Valdyke started this petition at

Like many people I share Evan's frustrations over how Games Workshop has been pulling away from their customers, fans and players and growing more out of touch with them. As of this writing, the petition only needs 128 more signatures. Is it going to help any? Hopefully. Realistically, when has GW ever listened to their dedicated fanbase? Certainly there has to be a number of shareholders that have the common sense to see that the practices adopted by GW is not is not going to work. If changes are not made GW will continue to alienate their long time fans and keep new fans out.

The only way GW wise up and listen to its fans is if we make them listen. Please, sign the petition and spread the word.

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